James Studholme

September 7, 2012 / ProFile

By John Hackney and Lewis More O'Ferrall

Fearless Ginger Gent Cracks Nuts

Interview: John Hackney

Photography: Lewis More O'Ferrall lewismof.com

Editor: Julian Tranquille at Cut+Run cutandrun.com

Sound: 750mph

Comments (5)

  • Sweetly insightful film or rather montage. Comes off as a very good bloke who by thinking of others yet being led by courage and creativity will always succeed.  Blink Directors are very lucky.

    by Jeremy Warshaw on 2012 10 15

  • Very refreshing unfettered honesty James. Thank you.

    by Spencer Friend on 2012 10 15

  • Ha ha ha.. boy done good… for a ginger.

    by Paul M Barratt on 2013 01 24

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