High Five: October

October 1, 2012 / High Five

By Alex Reeves

The tastiest morsels served up by the ad industry this month.

The days are getting shorter, darker and wetter as autumn takes its hold. But don’t get down because our pick of the month’s best ads are here to make you laugh, smile and, hopefully, buy stuff.

Product: Carlton Draught
Title: Beer Chase
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Steve Ayson
Production Company Producer: Cindy Kavanagh
Director of Photography: Greig Fraser
Ad Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Art Director: Anthony Phillips
Copywriter: Richard Williams
Agency Producer: Sonia von Bibra
Editing Company: The Butchery
Editor: Jack Hutchings
Music Company: Level Two Music

Carlton Draught, Beer Chase
Directed by Steve Ayson, The Sweet Shop

You know that déjà vu you get every time a new lager ad airs? There’s always some smug sartorial bastard showing off and/or fulfilling all the dreams you will never achieve. In this Australian beer commercial we have scruffy, bearded criminals that are not only more believable, but infinitely more interesting and likeable. A masterful piss-take backed by triumphal Eighties power chords. Bonza!

Product: Pot Noodle
Title: Contain Your Excitement
Production Company: Mind’s Eye Media
Director: Charlie P
Production Company Producer: Charlotte Larsen
Director of Photography: Phil Barthropp
Ad Agency: Billington Cartmell
Creative Team: Tom Genower, Rob Butcher
Agency Producer: Alex Michael
Editor: Tristram Giff

Pot Noodle, Contain Your Excitement
Directed by Charlie P, Mind’s Eye Media

Pot Noodle continue with their unusual brand message here, following their classic “slag of all snacks” line. This time “you’re all wankers and we know it” just about sums up the message. It might offend some people, but those people probably aren’t the customers Pot Noodle are chasing. A daring idea that will get people talking. A forking good ad.

Product: John Lewis
Title: The Other Half
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Production Company Producer: Sally Humphries
Director of Photography: Ben Seresin
Ad Agency: adam&eveDDB
Creative Team: Ben Tollett, Shay Reading, Emer Stamp, Aiden Mcclure, Laurent Simon, Frank Ginger
Agency Producers: Matt Craigie, Victoria Keenan
Editing Company: Work
Editor: Richard Orrick
Post Production House: The Mill

John Lewis, The Other Half
Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, Rattling Stick

Well isn’t this nice? It’s basically a chick flick in commercial form. But there’s no Hugh Grant in sight, which is a plus. It’s just the sort of thing we all need as the dinge of autumn descends – warm, fuzzy nostalgia that reassures you that despite all the wars, economic crises and problems with your internet browser, the world’s generally a lovely place because John Lewis are still here and they’ve still got that same grammatically-perplexing slogan.

Product: Volkswagen
Title: Smiles
Production Company: Epoch Films
Director: Everynone
Ad Agency: Deutsch
Creative Director: Michael Kadin
Art Director: Mike Palese
Copywriter: Amir Farhang
Agency Producer: Jim Haight
Editor: Haines Hall

Volkswagen, Smiles
Directed by Everynone, Epoch Films

Granted, there’s not much to this idea. It’s shots of people laughing, put together in age order. But what’s wrong with simplicity? Just look at how much fun they’re having. This ad is bang on trend, as Gok Wan might say, making people feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It proves that a smile is contagious. And with 1.8 million views on YouTube, these smiles are spreading like an airborne virus.

Product: Talk Talk
Title: Model Britain
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Production Company Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Ad Agency: CHI & Partners
Creative Team: Monty Verdi, Micky Tudor
Agency Producer: Rosie Evatt
Editing Company: Cut + Run
Editor: Eve Ashwell
Sound Company: 750mph
Post Production House: Glassworks

Talk Talk, Model Britain
Directed by Daniel Kleinman, Rattling Stick

You don’t need expert knowledge to see that this is a well-made piece of filmmaking. Following Adam Berg’s cosy Homes Within Homes commercial, we’ve got more miniature people “connecting”. This time they’re coming home to their stress-free, loving households after a hard day’s work. Expert craftsmanship brings a warmth and humanity to these little plastic people and the music fits perfectly. Surely one of the most memorable ads of the season.

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