Secret Location

December 7, 2012 / Humour

By Graham Aza

Think you've shot everywhere London has to shoot? Graham Aza serves up an intriguing and unknown London location to get you thinking.

Think you know where this is? Post an answer below.

Graham Aza is a location manager and runs online locations site

Comments (8)

  • West Central Street, with St Giles in the background innit…. do I win a prize ?!

    by Steve Overs on 2012 12 10

  • Just outside the Academy Office…....

    by George Floyd on 2012 12 10

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  • Every time you told us about some new place of London. I couldn’t believe when you told about any new place and honestly I have no idea about and this place. Strange, after spending 7 years in London I still don’t know about these places.

    by Peter S. Kelly on 2018 09 13

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