Introducing: Signed/Unsigned

January 10, 2013 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

We’re launching two regular features to celebrate the industry’s newest filmmaking talent.

The Beak Street Bugle is happy to announce two new monthly features – Signed and Unsigned.

It’s tough keeping up with the latest newly signed directing talent and even harder keeping an eye on talent that hasn’t been signed up yet. So we are going to do it for you.

Each month we’ll look at all the new directors that have been signed by production companies. We’ll check out their reels and decide on the one that we deem the best of the bunch. That director will become our Signed director of the month and will be showcased at the top of the Beak Street Bugle front page.

Unsigned is just as simple. We do the same thing, but for (you guessed it) unsigned directors. So each month we will feature a promising director who’s yet to find their way onto a production company’s roster, summarising their career and showing off a selection of their best work.

To help us do this we need to make sure we’re not missing any talent, so we’ll need the help of production companies and film schools to keep us in the loop. Send your signings news or most promising directors’ reels to to make sure the best directors have a chance of being included.

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