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April 18, 2011 / Signed/Unsigned

By Lyndy Stout

Ex Shots head and talent spotter supreme Lyndy Stout selects the 5 prime cuts from the butcher's shop that is commercial production and serves them up with a side salad of...ok this metaphor is going nowhere. Unlike these guys:

  • Directors: Megaforce
  • Animation: Seven
  • Prod. Co: El Nino
  • Producer: JulesDieng

1. Is Tropical – The Greeks music video

I’ve never loved violence so much as in this video by Megaforce with animation by Seven.  It’s just like how it used to feel, even for us chicks, way back then. Of course they should have featured far more girrrls   but we’ll forgive them because it’s so hilariously good. 

  • Director: Mischa Rozema
  • Production & Post production: Postpanic
  • DOP: Jiri Malek, Mischa Rozema
  • CG Supervisor: Ivor Goldberg
  • VFX Supervisor: Chris Staves

2. OFFF Barcelona 2011 Title Sequence

I bet these titles by PostPanic got everyone sitting on the edge of their seats at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona earlier this month. A cracking sinister scenario features the artists’ names appearing at the fest in an original, albeit flinchingly mind-blowing, way.

  • Director: Caswell Coggins
  • Creative: Frazer Jellyman
  • Producer: Kate Blakey
  • DOP: Richard Mott
  • Post Production: Rushes

3. Luther trailer

Rage is a bit like sex on film, if it’s not done with conviction it looks ridiculous, but this spot features fury at its most ferocious best, brilliantly pushed to the limits by Crossroads Caswell Coggins. The pacing and technique of the trailer simply add intrigue.

  • Director: Andreas Roth
  • Prod. Co: Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg
  • Producer: Christian Hergenrother
  • DOP: Roland Stuprich
  • Editor: Alexander Menko

4. Dirt Devil: The Exorcist

Still in his second year at the Baden Wurttemberg Film Academy in Germany, Andreas Roth’s second commercial is … well … take a look I don’t want to ruin it for you, but it’s B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T. His first commercial was a spec spot for safeguarding freedom of expression that was picked up by the International Society for Human Rights and shown in cinemas.

  • Director: David Wilson
  • Prod. Co: Blinkink
  • Producer: James Stevenson Bretton
  • DOP: Catherine Derry
  • Stop Frame Animation: Jospeh Mann
  • Puppeteers: Jonny Sabbagh, Will Harper, Zoilo Lobera
  • Agency: W&K London
  • Creatives: Oli Beale & Alex Holder

5. Nokia N8 Pink – Freedom

Out of the dark and into a radiant pink light with Blinkink David Wilson’s  music video-style spot of head-spinning dancing dollies for Nokia Pink. It sure ain’t subtle but it’s sublime on so many levels and it’s crafted with sooo much love.

Lyndy Stout is an advertising writer and BSB Contributing Editor: Work.

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  • blimey. makes my reel look a bit staid.

    by jerry hibbert on 2011 06 22

  • Hi Lyndy!
    Congrats on the launch, the mag is looking great and thanks for showing your appreciation of cas’ spot, we’re proud and hope to send you more.
    pip x

    by Pippa Bhatt on 2011 06 27

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