Super Bowl 2013: The YouTube Chart

February 4, 2013 / Signed/Unsigned

By Alex Reeves

Which commercials will win the Big Game for the internet this year?

The Super Bowl has become the most remarkable event in the US advertising calendar – one sporting event that brands throw phenomenal amounts of their marketing budgets at.

The amount of money and effort advertisers put into their commercials has created a unique phenomenon. No other event in the world gets the public talking about advertising like the Super Bowl – the commercials have become part of the spectacle as people wonder which celebrities will be wheeled out and what the Big Game regulars will come up with next. 

Last night’s clash of American football’s titans drew in a worldwide audience of over 100 million, so getting a Game Day ad right has a lot riding on it. But in an age when tweets and wall posts can make a chubby Korean rapper household name overnight, how a Super Bowl commercial does on the internet can determine whether forking out all those millions was worth it.

When brands get it right, one spot in the middle of the game can generate years of promotion. Volkswagen cracked it two years ago with their legendary The Force commercial. While many of the 100 million viewers heard the Imperial March as they went to the fridge for another cold beer, over 56 million have actively chosen to watch it online since.

So whose Big Game ad will make the leap from a one-off ad budget splurge to online video classic? Here’s how things stand just a few hours after the game: (All view counts accurate at time of publication.)

1. Toyota, Wish Granted


2. Volkswagen, Get In. Get Happy.


3. Samsung, El Plato Supreme


4. Audi, Prom



5. GoDaddy, Perfect Match


6. Hyundai, Santa Fe


7. Budweiser, Brotherhood


8. SodaStream, Game Day 2013 Commercial (Unaired)


9. Mercedes-Benz, Soul


10. Samsung, The Next Big Thing

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