Unsigned: WeWereMonkeys

April 2, 2013 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

Meet the duo behind an internet sensation.

Since it was uploaded just over a year ago, the video for Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men has been viewed over 50 million times. Not half bad for an obscure Icelandic indie-folk band.

That video was directed by Canadian duo WeWereMonkeys – Mihai Wilson and Marcella Moser – and while it's a hugely catchy song, some of the credit for those hits has to go to the stylish mythical narrative the pair created for the track. The rest of their reel is impressive too.

WeWereMonkeys use a massive range of techniques to create thier sumptuous videos, combining live action, 3D rendering, illustration and photography. Look out for more of their orthcoming sci-fi short film – OVO – it looks like it'll be a visual feast.

Watch some of their work here:

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