High Five: May

May 1, 2013 / High Five

By Alex Reeves

The most impressive work from a month in video advertising.

A heck of a lot of work goes into making films for brands. Whether it’s a 30-second TV commercial or an hour-long branded documentary made for YouTube, you need dozens of people at the top of their particular game to bring it all together. We like to make sure these people are appreciated, so here’s a list of films – each with a crack team of experts behind it – that we think are top notch.

Product: Vodafone
Title: The Kiss
Production Company: Academy
Director: Frédéric Planchon
Ad Agency: Grey London
Creative Director: Jonathan Marlow
Editing Company: The Assembly Rooms
Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards
Post Production House: MPC

Vodafone, The Kiss
Directed by Frédéric Planchon, Academy

Ah, the old whole life compressed into a single minute thing. We’re familiar with this idea. It has been used to great effect, but it’s often used as a cheap way to make that emotional connection with the consumer that so many brands want these days. We’re not sure what it actually says about Vodafone’s product, but under the discerning eye of Frédéric Planchon it’s turned out to be a beautiful film that will ultimately reflect well on the brand, despite (or possibly because of) featuring old people snogging.

Product: IKEA
Title: Time For Change
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Mike Maguire
Production Company Producer: Gustav Geldenhuys
Director of Photography: Ulla Pontikos
Ad Agency: Mother
Editing Company: Final Cut
Editor: Ed Cheesman
Sound Company: 750mph
Post Production House: The Mill

IKEA, Time For Change
Directed by Mike Maguire, Biscuit Filmworks

With Mother’s charming ideas behind them and carefully selected directors helming, IKEA ads are on a bit of a roll at the moment. This one continues that trend, depicting an epic pitched battle between humans and garden gnomes. And it really is epic. Standing up to human dominance was a mistake, as it turns out. Their more advanced weaponry turns it into a massacre reminiscent of colonial Africa. The music is a strange choice, but that oddness sort of works with the Swedish brand.

Product: Cif
Title: Burglary
Production Company: Nice Shirt Films
Director: Börkur
Production Company Producer: Judy Vermeulen
Director of Photography: August Jakobsson
Ad Agency: DLKW Lowe
Creative Director: Richard Denney, Dave Henderson
Creatives: Jack Patrick, Luke Bartley
Agency Producer: Sushi Samarawickrema
Editing Company: Trim
Editor: Leila Sarraf

Cif, Burglary
Directed by Börkur, Nice Shirt Films

This is an amusing little film. Our cunning hero’s attempts to outsmart the police and his house insurers are inventive and will definitely provoke a few chuckles in the ad break. The concept has some thought behind it and Icelandic director Börkur has coaxed a fair bit of subtle comedy out of the script, which is absolutely mental when you consider that this ad is in the same category as “Hi, I’m Barry Scott!”

Product: Jaguar
Title: Desire
Production Company: RSA
Director: Adam Smith
Production Company Producer: Caspar Delaney
Director of Photography: Ben Davis
Ad Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Editing Companies: Hagon, Work Post
Editors: Jono Griffith, Art Jones
Sound Company: Boom
Post Production House: Electric Theatre Collective

Jaguar, Desire
Directed by Adam Smith, RSA

This is something new. Jaguar aren’t just churning out a bundle of shots of their new car on a picturesque road with a well dressed bloke smirking behind the wheel here. You do get that. But it’s also got a story with proper dialogue and everything. It’s a very stylish film and the smug bastard in question is Damian Lewis, so there are plenty of reasons to share it online, which is clearly where it belongs, because not many countries have 13-minute ad breaks.

Product: National Geographic
Title: The 80s: The Decade That Made Us
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Hoku & Adam
Production Company Producer: Henry Scholfield
Ad Agency: The Corner
Creative Director: Tom Ewart
Creatives: Tom Prendergast, Joe Stamp
Agency Producer: Spru Rowland
Sound Company: Adelphoi
Post Production House: Rushes

National Geographic, The 80s: The Decade That Made US
Directed by Hoku & Adam, Partizan

The visual concept behind this trailer is strikingly simple, but actually making the film must have taken some serious thinking. Especially when you consider that Hoku & Adam used a real Rubik’s Cube with stickers on it, with minimal post trickery. You’ve also got to applaud the skill of Simon Crawford – the speed cuber from Nottingham whose skilful fingers do the business in the film. The final result is pretty neat.

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