High Five: June

June 5, 2013 / High Five

By Alex Reeves

Our favourite advertising this month is doing something a bit different.

Novelty is a useful tool. Although in these fast-paced digital times you could say it’s a little over-valued. But in advertising, marking yourself out as different from your competitors is a vital tactic.While putting together this monthly chart of the top video advertising, we noticed something - that the really great content is about not only doing something different, but doing it with vision and skill too.

Product: Bombay Sapphire
Title: Room 8
Production Company: Independent Films & Indy 8
Director: James W. Griffiths
(Based on an original idea and outline script by: Geoffrey Fletcher)
Production Company Producer: Sophie Venner
Director of Photography: G. Magni Ágústsson, ÍKS
Ad Agency: Gravity Road
Editor: Michael Aaglund
Sound Design: Martin Pavey
Post Production House: MPC

Bombay Sapphire, Room 8 (from the Imagination Series)

Once Bombay Sapphire made the decision to make imagination one of their brand values, they had to walk their talk. Rather than making a pretentious 30-second TVC, they went with the idea of the Imagination Series - a competition where entrants interpreted a script from Oscar-winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher in the most imaginative way possible. The entries where whittled down to five winners, including James W. Griffiths’ mind-bending entry. You can see the rest here. It’s an interesting approach to promoting a brand and certainly much cooler than all those booze ads depicting impossibly glamorous parties.

Brand: First Direct
Title: Unexpected 
Production Company: Outsider
Director: Dom & Nic
Production Company Producer: John Madsen
Ad Agency: JWT
Creative Director: Jason Berry
Art Director: Kevin Masters
Copywriter: Miles Bingham
Agency Producer: Sian Parker
Editing Company: Final Cut
Editor: Struan Clay
Sound Design: 750mph
Post Production House: MPC

First Direct, Unexpected

Remember when commercials for banks used to extoll the virtues of professional integrity and clever ways to make your money go further? Yeah, we don’t really get those anymore. Now we have platypuses talking in inconguous northern accents about their leftfield interests. Like so many banks today, the message is “we’re not like other banks,” but the randomness of this ad genuinely stands out from the rest of the category. It’ll grab people’s attention and despite its blatant attempts to be zaney, Barry’s got a sophistication to him that’s somehow reassuring.

Brand: giffgaff
Title: Don’t Be Scared
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Matthias Hoene
Production Company Producer: Russell Curtis
Ad Agency: Fallon
Creative Director: David Dao
Creatives: Adam Bright, Mark Nicholson, Mat Fox
Agency Producer: Tracy Stokes
Editing Company: Hagon
Editor: Alex Hagon
Sound Company: Wave
Post Production House: Big Buoy

giffgaff, Don’t Be Scared

It looks like Matthias Hoene been typecast as the go-to zombie director since his recent feature flick Cockneys vs Zombies. There are worse genres to get stuck in, especially as zombies have been having a bit of a renaissance in TV commercials of late. Simultaneously taking up the whole ad break on three channels when it aired, giffgaff’s epic is another light-hearted approach to the zombie myth in the legacy of Shaun of the Dead. Full of clever visual gags, it’s good bit of fun that’s perfect for the budget mobile service’s target audience.

Brand: Channel 4
Title: Mating Season
Directors: Chris Bovill, John Allison
Ad Agency: 4creative
Creatives: Chris Bovill, John Allison, Molly Manners, Alice Tonge
Agency Producer: Nicola Brown
Editing Company: Final Cut
Editor: Dan Sherwen
Post Production House: MPC

Channel 4, Mating Season

We don’t know exactly how it went down, but we hope this idea began with the image of a giant tortoise sticking his head through a glory hole. That’s certainly the image that stays with you. MPC submitted this for our considerartion and their VFX really brings Arthur the tortoise puppet to life as he searches for love in the modern world. It's a rip-roaring adventure as he descends from the more sophisticated kinds of dating into a dark sexual underworld and through to one devastating hangover. It’s a journey that Channel 4’s audience will easily identify with.

Brand: Vodafone
Title: Lake
Production Company: Academy
Director: Frédéric Planchon
Production Company Producer: Simon Cooper
Ad Agency: Grey
Creative Director: Nils Leonard
Creative: Jonathan Marlow
Agency Producer: Angela Eleini
Editing Company: The Assembly Rooms
Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards
Sound Company: Factory
Post Production House: MPC

Vodafone, Lake

It’s rare that you encounter a commercial as elegant as this. The idea is so simple the script could barely be more than a few words and yet it feels like it completely deserves the 60 seconds it takes up. Following his recent Vodafone spot, The Kiss, director Frédéric Planchon proves that less is more, allowing the beautiful location of the tranquil lake to do all the work.

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