High Five: October

October 3, 2013 / High Five

By Alex Reeves

The most exhilarating selection of the month’s best advertising you're likely to find on the web.

Good advertising should make you feel something. Having finished the process of selecting our best video advertising this month, we’re feeling exhausted. There were so many high-octane, dramatic commercials to get through and we think we’ve managed to help the best rise to the top.

Brand: Allianz
Title: School Run
Production Company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Keith McCarthy
Production Company Producer: Jess Ensor
Director of Photography: Nanu Segal
Ad Agency: Grey London
Agency Producer: Daisy Mellors
Editing Company: Stitch
Editor: Tim Hardy
Sound: Mike Palmer
Post Production Company: MPC

Allianz – School Run

When it comes to home truths, the whole “parenting is hard” thing has always been popular with ad agencies. Of course there’s a reason for that, but it does make it pretty hard to create something dazzling out of that idea. The people behind this ad decided to take the surrealist route, pushing a metaphor to its absolute limits and with Keith McCarthy helming they've nailed it. It’s come out as a cinematic drama that’s far enough from kitchen sink to make people sit up and watch.

Brand: European Parliament
Title: Act. React. Impact.
Production Company: Lovo/Stink
Director: Norman Bates
Agent: Bruno Dejonghe (Glue Management)
Ad Agency: Ogilvy Brussels
Creative Director: Sam De Win
Art Director: Ivan Moons
Copywriter: Stephen Walckiers
Agency Producer: Cynthia Pire

European Parliament – Act. React. Impact.

Advertising something as broad as the European Parliament is an odd brief. And quite a difficult one. This sort of imperative-laden copywriting has been overused lately and in some pretty bad commercials, too. But it works here. Despite having to appeal to people across a whole continent, the message is easy to grasp and it’s helped in no small part by the incredible imagery Norman Bates has put to it.

Brand: Guinness
Title: Basketball
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Production Company Producer: Emily Skinner
Director of Photography: Simon Duggan
Ad Agency: BBDO New York
Creative Directors: David Lubars, Dan Lucey, Chris Beresford-Hill, Tom Kraemer
Agency Producer: Kevin Wilson
Editing Company: Work
Editor: Neil Smith

Guinness – Basketball

There’s nothing too fancy about this ad, which is lucky because Guinness have tried to get fancy in recent times and failed. Extolling the virtues of proper good human beings, it’s something we can all get behind and it goes some way to making that awkward “made of more” line make sense. In this brand’s long list of hits and misses, we’d definitely put this under the hit column.

Brand: St John Ambulance
Title: Save the Boy
Production Company: Blink
Director: Dougal Wilson
Production Company Producer: Ewen Brown
Director of Photography: Lasse Frank
Ad Agency: BBH
Creative Directors: Matt Doman, Ian Heartfield
Creatives: Alex Ball, Rob Ellis
Agency Producer: Natalie Parish
Editing Company: Final Cut
Editors: Paul Moth, Joe Guest
Sound Company: Factory
Post Production Company: MPC

St John Ambulance – Save the Boy

Following last year’s award magnet from Benito Montorio, this charity commercial uses the same shock tactics to great effect, reminding us that first aid is actually a lot more dramatic than it sounds. Run as both a TV ad and an educational interactive campaign, it drives the message home powerfully. Hopefully it will save lives.

Brand: Vodafone
Title: Add Power to Your Life
Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Sebastian Strasser
Production Company Producer: Susa Ehlers
Director of Photography: Joost van Gelder
Ad Agency: Jung von Matt
Creative Directors: Goetz Ulmer, Simon Hiebl
Art Director: Pavel Bondarenko
Copywriter: Heiner Twenhaefel
Agency Producer: Christoph Koehler
Editing Company: Trim
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Post Production Companies: MPC, Time Based Arts

Vodafone – Add Power to Your Life

There’s a lot going on here and if you just sit back and let the stunning visual effects wash over you it’s a rip-roaring ride. Mind you, it must have been fairly boring to shoot for the actor, having to interact with CG creatures and objects all the way through. Power is the message here and it’s rammed home suitably hard. And why not? Having access to all the knowledge in the world in a device that can fit in a skinny-fit jean pocket is a pretty powerful thing.

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