Unsigned: Mr. Kaplin

May 7, 2014 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

This animation duo who aren't afraid to use maths for their art.

Don’t be fooled by their gentlemanly moniker. Mr. Kaplin is actually a two-headed beast comprised of Robert Glassford and Daniel Zucco, who have been working together directing animation and motion design since 2011.

The duo, who have been based in London for around 18 months now, have got a pretty broad reel, ranging from the mathematically-generated geometrics of their Toob music video to the minimalist yet sympathetic character design in their short film Damp Spirits, which was made to raise money for the homelessness charity Shelter.

Combined they have won a number of awards including a Bafta for Technical Excellence, a 4 Talent Award for Best Fiction and a Melbourne Design award for Best Music Video.

Watch some of their work here:

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