Unsigned: Chuong Vo

February 24, 2015 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

This young director knows hard graft is the path to mastery.

Chuong Vo is a filmmaker currently based in Australia. Born and raised in Vietnam in a strict Catholic household, he turned to art as a way of expressing himself.

He moved to Australia in 2003 at the age of 11, where he pursued the arts despite his family’s disapproval – they encouraged him to do law or accounting – and ended up studying art and design.

His film production career began at 17 and he soon started making his own short films and experimenting with different styles and visuals, teaching himself the disciplines of editing and VFX.

Having read somewhere that to be good at something you have to put 20,000 hours into it, Vo tries to learn something new about filmmaking everyday, whether it is out on the field filming or locking himself in a room to do the VFX.

At the moment he’s focusing on music videos, having always loved them as a little kid. He remembers dancing to Britney Spears' videos growing up. Being able to collaborate with the musicians is a passion of his. With no musical talents himself, he has a great admiration for them. The opportunity for experimentation in the medium is also a welcome aid in developing his talents.

Considering he didn’t even know how to use a camera five years ago, the reel he’s built up is quite remarkable.

Watch some of his work here:

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