Signed: Josh Appignanesi

March 21, 2015 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

Independent's latest signing seems like a pretty odd guy, but if his reel is anything to go by, he could make a big impact.

Comedy director and writer Josh Appignanesi has signed to Independent Films and Indy8 for commercial and content representation.

He started out working with the Oppenheimer team on Project Manhattan before a brief stint writing the constitution of the newly formed UN. Embittered by both nuclear physics and global politics, he sought refuge in a cave in Hounslow, mortifying the flesh with Chocolate Oreos and learning to levitate a full centimetre.

Engorged with wisdom he returned to capitalism in the early 80s, brokering a little-known deal between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates that in fact defines the way you currently experience all technology.

A pioneer in electronic music and keen collector of archival materials on early hotel-building in Australia, Appignanesi is also a film writer and director. It was he who directed feature Song of Songs, an obscure but intense psychodrama about an incestuous relationship in an ultra-orthodox community. He then confounded expectations with follow-up The Infidel, a comedy about an overweight Muslim who repeatedly falls over.  A film that puts the fun back in to fundamentalism, the critics (nearly) said. 

More recently he wrote the new rom-com for renowned shoe-fetishist Sarah Jessica Parker, the upcoming All Roads Lead To Rome, and wisely placed himself at the centre of his new film,  a creative documentary about becoming a parent, The Creative Life. After making some advertising for a while, he hopes to found a small start-up nation in the Balkans founded on principles of ethno-political freedom and shared, harmonious biscuit consumption.

Watch some of his work here:

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