Bang Bang’s Crash Course in Mumbai

November 2, 2011 / Signed/Unsigned

By news reporter

Busy? Well, here's something to completely distract you. Bang Bang's cheeky little rickshaw has morphed from being a graphic designed mascot into this simple and addictive game on the production company's site and now this 3d first person i-pad game which you'll waste hours, days, weeks playing.


It's apparently become the most downloaded i-pad app on the indian itunes store.

Here's the <a href=""><em>link to the game</em></a> on the UK store...

And click on pic for link to site game:
<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="bang bang site" width="565" height="332" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-3958" /></a>

We had to ring Bang Bang's co-founder Roopak Saluja in Mumbai with a techie problem - our rickshaw kept getting stuck against the fence and, here's a tip, simply touch and drag the rickshaw into reverse. Of course ! We took the opportunity to ask him a few more questions too:

What makes a good game?

It's got to be difficult enough so that you want to spend more time on it to improve your score but you can't make it so hard that the player doesn't progress. You have to get the balance right.

I've reached 5,716 points but haven't reached the end on the site game. Am I close or am I just hopeless?

Hopeless. Deeply.

Will you be developing more games?

As a business?



There's quite a large group of London's production industry arriving in India for the Mumbai London Advertising Forum on 7th November. Will we see you there?

Of course. I think I'm first up as a speaker on Tuesday. And we're hosting the party with shots on Wednesday night.

Any tips for us newbies on what to do Mumbai?

Don't eat uncooked food; be careful about the water.
Stay off the roads between 6 and 8pm.
And, you can't keep shuttling back and forth between different parts of the city when doing meetings, you'll never get anything done. Plan meetings by area.

We can't wait ! 

Know anyone who fits the bill?

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