Signed: Thibaut Grevet

April 29, 2015 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

Graphic design, art direction and extreme sports – all good training grounds for directors.

With a background in graphic design and art direction, young French director Thibaut Grevet came into his directorial career from a promising angle. And the aesthetic considerations of this tradition are clear in the videos he’s worked on so far.

His first steps as a director were auspicious. As an official BMX and surf filmmaker for Vans he shot some of the most influential sportsmen in those fields, capturing these dynamic sports at their most dramatic.

Moving on to similar mini doc style content for Red Bull and Sosh, Thibaut proved his talent for honest, impactful filmmaking, which has allowed him to expand his reel to include commercials, online content, fashion films and longer documentaries.

Able&Baker saw the potential in him and have now welcomed him to their roster.

Watch some of his work here:

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