High Five: May

May 11, 2015 / High Five

By Alex Reeves

Variety is the spice of life… and advertising.

This month’s selection of the five best ads shows just how diverse advertising strategy can be. From the quiet and subtle, to the bold and explosive, to the philosophical or even just plain weird, there’s room for all kinds of messaging in advertising. Watch these prime examples and be thankful that ads are so varied these days.

Brand: Audi
Title: Birth
Production Company: Mill+
Director: Andrew Proctor
Production Company Producer: Adriane Scott-Kemp
Ad Agency: BBH
Creative Director: Ian Heartfield
Creatives: Dominic Goldman, Ian Heartfield
Agency Producer: Davud Karbassioun
Editor: Victor Jory
Sound Company: Strings & Tins
Sound Designer: Will Cohen
Post Production Company: The Mill

Audi – Birth

There’s something deeply troubling about watching a car give birth to another car. Maybe it’s a premonition of the dark future we face once the machines learn to self-replicate and rise up against their former masters. But despite it’s disturbing nature, this is such an unusual idea that it’s utterly compelling. Amazingly, the whole thing is computer generated, so no cars were harmed in its making. It’s the sort of ad you want to ask everyone’s opinion about because it’s just so weird.


Brand: Finish
Title: Dishes
Production Company: Riff Raff
Director: Megaforce
Production Company Producer: Jane Tredget
Director of Photography: David Ungaro
Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
Creative Directors: Carlos Alija, Laura Sampedro
Creatives: Erin Swanson, Cal AlJorani
Agency Producer: Genevieve Sheppard
Editing Company: Final Cut
Editor: Joe Guest
Music Company: Siren
Music Company Producer: Sian Rogers
Sound Company: Factory
Sound Designers: Jon Clarke, Neil Johnson, Anthony Moore 
Post Production Company: The Mill

Finish - Dishes

Those of us who own a dishwasher probably take it for granted just how much it improves our lives. And that’s why this commercial works so well. It reminds us of exactly how many dishes there are to be washed up in life. So maybe we should treat our dishwashers to something better than the supermarket own-brand tablets. The series of vignettes is packed full of all the warm humanity you’d expect of Wieden + Kennedy and shot with the panache you’d expect of Megaforce, who somehow manage to make even burnt-on pasta bake look poetic.


Brand: The Guardian
Title: Fun Run, Two Men, Kids Party
Production Company: Outsider
Director: James Rouse
Production Company Producer: Benji Howell
Director of Photography: Alex Melman
Ad Agency: BBH
Creative Director: Joakim Borgstrom
Creatives: Jack Smedley, George Hackforth-Jones
Agency Producer: Natalie Parish
Editing Company: Work
Editor: Bill Smedley
Sound Company: Factory
Sound Designers: Anthony Moore, Tom Joyce
Post Production Company: MPC

The Guardian – Fun Run

BBH have been lavishing the Guardian account with some rather epic comedy ads recently and while they’ve been fun, it’s good to see James Rouse’s characteristically understated style shine in this trio (completed by Dinner Party and Kids Party) of well-observed commercials about the disappointing weekends you’re doomed to have if you don’t buy the Guardian and Observer. They’re simple gags, but as usual Rouse gets the casting and performances absolutely right.


Brand: Honda
Title: Endless Road
Production Company: Gorgeous
Director: Chris Palmer
Production Company Producer: Rupert Smythe
Director of Photography: Steve Keith Roach
Ad Agency: McGarryBowen
Creative Directors: Angus Macadan and Paul Jordan
Creatives: Charlotte Warmough, Holly Fallows
Agency Producer: Sian Parker
Editing Company: Scot Crane
Editor: The Quarry
Sound Company: GCRS
Sound Designer: Munzie Thind
Post Production Companies: Glassworks, Fatiboo

Honda – Endless Road

If you’ve seen much of their advertising you’ll know that Honda love a bit of visual cleverness. In fact, director Chris Palmer directed a very impressive optical illusion-based ad for them a couple of years ago. But this goes way beyond that. Static optical illusions like the Penrose Steps or M.C. Escher’s experiments are hard enough to comprehend, but add to that a moving car that never leaves the frame, a moving camera and lighting that changes and it becomes hard to keep your brain inside your skull.


Brand: Warburtons
Title: The Deliverers
Production Company: Another Film Company
Director: Declan Lowney
Production Company Producer: Simon Monhemius
Director of Photography: Haris Zambarloukos
Ad Agency: WCRS
Creative Director: Billy Faithfull
Creatives: Andy Lee, Jonny Porthouse
Agency Producer: Sally Lipsius
Editing Company: Stitch
Editor: Leo King
Sound Company: GCRS
Sound Designer: Ben Leeves
Post Production Company: Finish

Warburtons – The Deliverers

The combined price tags of Sylvester Stallone and the rights to Eye of the Tiger must have been hefty, so the pressure to deliver on this ad was probably huge. Thankfully director Declan Lowney knows how to work with star talent and get them at their funniest. He proved this when he recently helped Alan Partidge make the move to the big screen and he’s brought out the best in his talent here. Sly’s not exactly known for his comedy chops, but it’s actually pretty funny – well-written gags delivered with good timing. Money well spent, we reckon.


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