Unsigned: Jack Flynn

October 7, 2015 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

Filmmaking inspired by the interesting stories of interesting people.

Born and raised in Newcastle, Jack Flynn always loved art and music. In art at school he used to paint from photographs taken on his Pentax K1000. On his art foundation course at Newcastle College his photography tutor told him he had 'an eye for photography' which was enough to inspire him to continue with the subject and take a photography and film degree in Edinburgh, where he worked on a mixture of photography and film projects.

After graduation he moved down to London, about 5 years ago, and started assisting photographers, focusing on those who also shot moving image. Armed with a 5D he started shooting behind-the-scenes films on photo shoots. It wasn’t long before this progressed to being commissioned to short films for brands and ad agencies.

Over the last few years he’s shot for brands such as Converse, Vodafone and Stella McCartney, including an internal documentary shot over six months for Stella McCartney filming in both China and Japan.

Jack uses filmmaking to explore interesting people’s lives, telling their stories in the most evocative ways.

A recent film he shot (with fellow filmmaker Nick David) was at the Freed of London ballet shoe factory in Hackney. “The factory is a very ordinary building from the outside and one that you would pass by without a thought,” he says, “but inside there is another world. The contrast between ballet and the factory floor here was really obvious yet there was a real connection with the sheer physicality of both disciplines. We found some great characters working there and the their individual stories and experiences began to become the main focus of the film.”

Now as well as commissioned work, Jack is working on more short documentary stories of his own.

Watch some of his work here:

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