Snickers Campaign

January 26, 2012 / Signed/Unsigned

By News Reporter

Ooooh get her! Our Joan comes up trumps in Crossroad director Russell Bates’ “You’re not yourself until you’ve had a Snickers” series out of AMB BBDO. We like Dynasty’s Stephanie Beacham snarl too.


Agency:  Abbott Mead Vickers

Agency Producer: Carol Powell

Creative Dictors: Adrian Rossi, Alex Grieve

Creatives:  Jeremy Tribe, Prabs Wignarajah

Director: Russell Bates

Exec Producer:  Carly Stone

Producer: Hera King

Film Editor: Tim Hardy

Post: Stitch

Telecine: The Mill



"Life is good when you get to collaborate with two legendary divas and a great creative team on the same job,” says Bates.  “We wanted to place Joan and Stephanie in a totally unexpected setting, and surround them with strong improvisational actors who could pick up cues quickly. We did a lot of work to put all the right ingredients

together, and then kept the mood loose and easy on the set. I think

that comes through in the final product."


To see more of the Snickers campaign go to



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