The Future of Advertising… In A Few Short Videos

February 25, 2016 / Features


The speakers from Monday's event summarise what they had to say about the future of advertising.

On Monday 22nd of February, BAFTA was bristling with some of the sharpest minds in the sphere of advertising for the APA's annual conference, The Future of Advertising... In One Afternoon.

The idea of the event was to concentrate all the best industry thinking from the year into just a few manageable hours, but if you couldn't manage that, here's an even shorter version - just a quick video of each speaker describing what they discussed.


Ian Leslie


Dan Wilks
Deputy Director, Credos


Dan Phillips
Head of Digital and Interactive, MPC


Tom Rainsford & Abi Pearl


Evan Boehm
Creative Director, Nexus Interactive Arts


Felix Morgan
Innovation Lead, Brave


Steve Davies
Chief Executive, APA

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