High Five: May

May 9, 2016 / High Five

By Alex Reeves

It’s silly season for the month’s best advertising.

Some of the best ads in history are pure silliness. We all like a bit of levity to distract us from the drudgery of our daily lives, so it’s not surprising that silly sells. This month’s selection of the best advertising reminded us of how great immature nonsense can be. When done well, it can be a powerful asset to a brand.

Brand: Foster’s
Title: Dry Cleaner
Production Company: Independent
Director: Gary Freedman
Production Company Producer: Serena Paull (Revolver)
Director of Photography: Ryley Brown
Ad Agency: adam&eveDDB
Creative Director: Ben Priest
Creatives: Colin Booth, Ben Stilitz
Agency Producer: Louise Richardson
Editing Company: Playroom
Editor: Adam Spivey
Music Company: Madplanet
Sound Company: Wave Studios
Sound Designers: Aaron Reynolds, Dugal MacDiarmid
Post Production Company: The Mill

Foster’s – Dry Cleaner

Foster’s ads have always been a good laugh and this latest campaign delivers all the smiles we’d expect. Making the most of a seemingly mundane existence, the hero of this latest approach to the Aussie beer is instantly likeable. It seems lad humour is well and truly behind us now, to the point where mass-produced lager is advertised by a grown man playing dress-up. We’re not sure about the new strapline – it’s not exactly subtle, but we can sort of see how it ties in with this idea, so we’ll see where they take it.


Brand: The Green Party
Title: Grown Up Politics
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Neil Harris
Production Company Producer: Adam Evans
Director of Photography: Sveere Sørdal
Ad Agency: Creature London
Creative Director: Clarence Bradley
Creatives: Lydia Raghavan, Tori Fannon
Agency Producers: Madeline Smith, Amy Connery, Nicola Ridley
Editing Company: Work
Editor: Saam Hodivala
Post Production Company: Unit Media

The Green Party – Grown Up Politics

It’s been a relief to see the party political broadcast rulebook torn to pieces in recent years. The Green Party and Creature have made a big impact on the format in particular. Still a fairly marginal party, the Greens have the opportunity to cast themselves as anti-establishment, attacking practically every other politician. And this idea gave them so much room to manoeuvre, adding in a cute factor to sweeten the deal. The casting is amazing. Our personal favourite is little Jez, who is remarkably regognisable despite the lack of beard growth.


Brand: Just Eat
Title: Manband
Production Company: Outsider
Director: Jim Gilchrist
Production Company Producer: Tex Travi
Director of Photography: Tim Maurice-Jones
Ad Agency: Red Brick Road
Creative Directors: Matt Davis, Richard Meson
Creatives: The Red Brick Road
Agency Producer: Charles Crisp
Editing Company: Cut+Run
Editor: Ben Campbell
Sound Company: Wave Studios
Sound Designers: Aaron Reynolds, Tom Heddy
Post Production Company: Big Buoy

Just Eat – Manband

Just Eat’s takeaway pop songs have all been brilliant. Snobs be damned, they’re unashamedly populist – the sort of thing that won’t win in Cannes, but will be sung by people around the country when they decide order a cheeky takeaway on a Saturday night. Each has been a triumph of music licencing, but this latest Backstreet Boys reworking is probably the best of the lot. Jim Gilchrist has nailed the aesthetic too – a perfectly tacky throwback to the golden age of the boyband.

Brand: Moneysupermarket
Title: Epic Dance Off
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Production Company Producer: Carr Donald
Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt
Ad Agency: Mother London
Editing Company: Marshall Street Editors
Editors: Tim Thornton-Allan, Matthew Pochettino
Sound Company: 750mph
Sound Designer: Sam Robson
Post Production Company: MPC

Moneysupermarket – Epic Dance Off

OK. On the one hand putting the three fabulous men from their previous campaigns in a car park for a dance off was a bit of a lazy idea. But on the other hand, who cares? Those ads were a lot of fun and people loved them. Dave, in particular, became a celebrity in his own right thanks to his extraordinary booty and ability to rock the hottest of pants. It comes as no surprise that director Noam Murro has squeezed everything he can out of the script, of course. He’s a bubbling font of joyfulness.

Brand: Prostate Cancer UK
Title: Man to Man
Production Company: Outsider
Director: James Rouse
Production Company Producer: Benji Howell
Director of Photography: Richard Mott
Ad Agency: BBH London
Creative Directors: Raphael Basckin, Shelley Smoler
Creatives: Sara Sutherland, Ash Hamilton
Agency Producer: Alen Grebovic
Editing Company: Work Post
Editor: Bill Smedley
Sound Company: Factory
Sound Designers: Jon Clarke, Tom Joyce
Post Production Company: Finish

 Prostate Cancer – Man to Man

This one is absolutely inspired. Turning a familiar situation on its head, BBH have morphed a traditional source of comedy into something delightfully awkward and new. It’s always refreshing to see a charity taking a light tone with their ads and of course James Rouse makes sure it’s believable and charming to without fault. Here’s hoping it will inspire kids around the country to give their dads similar talks and hopefully save some lives.

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