High Five: August

August 8, 2016 / High Five

By Alex Reeves

The fruits of those juicy Olympic budgets in this month's best ads.

It’s an Olympic summer – an event that brings out all the sports brands and broadcasters looking to make the most out of the huge audiences it draws. It's not about branding and andvertising. The reason those audiences are there is because of the inspirational quality of the Games - the only truly global eventof its kind. But the poetry of sport is a great raw material for creativity, not to mention the budgets that clients are willing to part with.

Brand: Adidas
Title: Creating New Speed
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Christopher Riggert
Production Company Producer: Kathy Rhodes
Director of Photography: Simon Duggan
Ad Agency: 72andSunny
Creative Directors: Josh Fell, Chris Hutchinson
Creatives: Gerardo Ortiz, Roy Smiling, Kwaku Beke, Tyree Harris
Agency Producer: Liliana Vega
Editing Company: Cut+Run
Editor: Sam Ostrove
Post Production Company: Method Studios

Adidas – Creating New Speed

This was a ready-made cinematic idea, just waiting for someone like Christopher Riggert to turn into a stunning film for a brand like Adidas. Muck City is a unique phenomenon – a small area of south Florida that churns out a disproportionate number of fast American football players. Facing poverty and high unemployment, young men there chase rabbits through burning sugar cane fields to survive. The skills they learn are surprisingly transferrable, as it turns out. And make for some incredible visuals in the hands of a good director.


Brand: Channel 4
Title: We’re The Superhumans
Production Company: Blink Productions
Director: Dougal Wilson
Production Company Producer: Ewen Brown
Director of Photography: Daniel Landin
Ad Agency: 4Creative
Creative Director: Alice Tonge
Creatives: Richard Biggs, Jolyon White, Dougal Wilson
Agency Producer: Louise Oliver
Editing Company: Final Cut
Editor: Joe Guest
Music Company: Leland Music
Sound Company: Factory
Sound Designer: Anthony Moore
Post Production Company: MPC

Channel 4 – We’re The Superhumans

The London 2012 Paralympic Games felt like the first time excitement came close to that of its able-bodied counterpart and that is in no small part due to the commitment Channel 4 ploughed into the event, including Tom Tagholm’s inspirational trailer for the games. The bar was set high for Dougal Wilson to follow, but he’s risen to the task (of course), directing a piece of film that’s invigorating for the whole three minutes, reminding us of how much talent humans contain when they’re determined to release it.


Brand: Palace Skateboards
Title: Palace Skateboards X Reebok Classics
Production Company: MPC Creative
Directors: Lev Tanju, Stuart Bentley
Production Company Producers: Richard Skinner, Johnny Blick
Editing Company: MPC
Editor: Ben Crook
Sound Company: MPC
Sound Designer: Ben Crook
Post Production Company: MPC

Palace Skateboards – Palace Skateboards X Reebok Classics

For a company used to doing VFX on the slickest, high-budget commercials and movies in the world, MPC must have found it a real challenge to make something purposefully crap. But working with only Hollywood star Jonah Hill’s phoned-in ‘performance’ and some locked off shots of Palace’s Soho shop they’ve managed to strike just the right balance of rubbishness to make it funny. There are also a few visual gags dropped in so it bears rewatching. It must have been a lot of fun to make.


Brand: Samsung
Title: School of Rio - Cycling
Production Company:  Rattling Stick
Director: Gabe Turner
Production Company Producer: Stuart Bentham
Director of Photography: Fede Alfonzo
Ad Agency: BBH
Creative Director: Ewan Paterson
Creative: Jack Smedley
Agency Producer: Rachel Hough
Editing Company: Work
Editor: Mark Edinoff
Sound Company: Factory
Sound Designer: Phil Bolland
Post Production Company: The Mill

Samsung – School of Rio – Cycling

Sometimes comedy advertising is sort of funny, but not as funny as proper comedy. But when you get a comedian like Jack Whitehall on board and fully invested in a commercial, great things can happen. This is a fantastic script, allowing Jack to say all those things normal people think about Olympians. The whole series has been really funny, and it says a lot about British athletes that they’ve all been so willing to laugh at themselves.


Brand: Virgin Media
Title: 9.58
Production Company: Academy
Animation Company: The Line
Director: Seb Edwards
Animation Director: Wesley Louis
Production Company Producer: Dominic Thomas
Director of Photography: Alwin Kuchler
Ad Agency: BBH
Creative Director: Nick Gill
Agency Producers: Alen Grebovic, Victoria Keenan
Editing Company: Trim
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Sound Company: Factory
Sound Designer: Anthony Moore
Post Production Company: Electric Theatre Collective

Virgin Media – 9.58

Usain Bolt will go down in history as one of sport’s greatest figures. Partially because he’s the fastest man who’s ever lived, but also because he’s a complete human being. This ad captures both of these things perfectly. In an age where top athletes grew up training too hard to develop personalities, he’s remarkably relatable. He’s a true icon, and this commercial reminds us all of why so many people love him.


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