Signed: Georgi Banks-Davies

September 8, 2016 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

A director since the age of five, Skunk’s newest recruit has had a lot of practice.

Georgi was born in the middle of England, to a Dad who made cars (the ‘bond’ car no less) and a Mum with a very Irish accent and love of getting your ‘whites white’.

When she was five she went to the cinema for the first time. She left declaring to her mother that she wanted to make movies.

A Super 8 camera, reluctant ‘actor’ sister, and some very random ideas later – the young Georgi was on her way to making realising the dream. (Home movies took on a whole new meaning!)

At 14 she started training under the mentorship of the very talented director Helen Miller. Spending every weekend in her London studios, with a 16mm wind-up camera and a Steinbeck – learning the true craft of filmmaking and story telling.

This invaluable training sent her on her way into Newport film school, where she graduated with her graduation film being chosen to represent the class at the Cardiff Film Festival.

Georgi’s career as a director started shortly after in the BBC creative department, creating promos. Her deep passion for directing short form showed, and shortly after she was approached CNN international and asked to join the creative team as lead director. Here she created short advertorial films, idents, sponsorship bumpers and commercials for the Network, and its clients, including South African Airways, InterContinental Hotels, Orange, Fortis and Shell.

This role saw Georgi travelling the world, creating captivating short films which shared the stories of remarkable people such as noble prize winning Muhammed Yunus, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Architect, Daniel Liebskind, politicians, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Gorbatov, and HERO Martin Scorsese (a career highlight).

It was here that Georgi learnt the art of telling people’s stories. Connecting with amazing tales, however big or small, on a personal and intimate level.
Georgi also continued her passion for filmmaking, making short films, one of which, ‘Theo’ was supported by CNN, and played out on the network, as well as at film festivals globally. She also began development on a feature project with esteemed writer Ariel Dorfman, and his son Joaquin.

Four years ago Georgi left CNN (with a fully stamped passport!) to continue to pursue her passion for advertising and filmmaking. She combined the two and successfully began a career as a commercials director. In a relatively short time she has shot campaigns for Coca Cola, Nike, O2, AT&T and Chivas Regal.

She is now repped for commercials by Skunk in the UK... and her sister (and now nephew) are still reluctant stars in her films.

Watch some of her work here:

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