High Five: October

October 11, 2016 / High Five

By Alex Reeves

Autumn’s a good season for creative stuff and advertising is no exception.

With the nights drawing in and the central heating coming on, the TV is definitely getting better at this time of year. And we’re tempted to venture that the quality of advertising goes along with that trend, whether it’s on our TVs or shared on social media. Here’s some evidence to prove that theory - our pick of the month's best ads.

Brand: Lurpak
Title: Game On, Cooks
Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production Company Producer: Sam Chitty
Director of Photography: Tom Townend
Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Creative Directors: Freddie Powell, Hollie Walker
Creatives: Becca Pottinger, Sam McCluskey
Agency Producer: Genevieve Sheppard
Editing Company: Trim
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Music Company: Leland Music
Sound Company: Factory
Sound Designer: Anthony Moore
Post Production Companies: Time Based Arts, Framestore

Lurpak – Game On, Cooks

The key to the success of this ad is how well it’s keyed in to foodie culture in 2016. Everyone seems to be talking about food, listening to podcasts about it and, of course, taking pictures of it, but to be a true foodie you have to get your apron on and make a mess. The latest in a series of spot-on Lurpak ads, Daniel Wolfe makes sure this latest execution gets down and dirty, making the food look tasty without reverting the manicured, M&S food porn standard.


Brand: Maltesers
Title: New Boyfriend
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Clay Weiner
Production Company Producer: Toby Courlander
Director of Photography: Daniel Bronks
Ad Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative Directors: Mike Hannett, Dave Buchanan
Agency Producers: Lizzie Abbott, Frankie Burwell-Wright
Editing Company: Speade
Editor: Gareth McEwen
Sound Company: 750mph
Sound Designer: Ben Gulvin
Post Production Company: The Mill

Maltesers – New Boyfriend

Thanks to the surprisingly blue joke at its core, this is the most memorable execution from the series that won Channel 4’s ‘Superhumans Wanted’ competition – a prize of £1m of commercial airtime awarded for the best creative idea with diversity at its heart. Featuring disabled protagonists in natural, normalising situations, it’s a strong step towards more diverse advertising. Clay Weiner’s casting is spot-on and the performances are utterly believable. Anything less would have done this campaign a huge disservice. It remains to be seen whether brands will follow through by reflecting diversity in their advertising in coming campaigns though.


Brand: Three
Title: Maisie Williams vs Blackspots
Production Company: Fat Lemon
Director: Chris Faith
Production Company Producer: Josephine Gallagher
Ad Agency: Gravity Road
Creative Directors: Mark Eaves, Mark Boyd
Creatives: Shruti Veeramachineni, Rhodri Crooks, Peter Conolly, Philip Sinclair, Emma Penz
Agency Producer: Joanna Osborn
Editing Company: tenthree
Editor: Kevin Palmer

Three – Maisie Williams vs Blackspots

A textbook spoof ad. The people at Gravity Road have been paying close attention to the tropes and clichés of celebrity cosmetics and beauty advertising and with the help of woman-of-the-moment Maisie Williams they’ve absolutely nailed it, packing heaps of gags into a relatively short film. Director Chris Faith has been studying the genre closely too, and he’s got the look spot on. Exactly the irreverent tone we’ve got used to from Three and the sort of sharable stuff Gravity Road have built their name on.


Brand: Virgin Atlantic
Title: Get Out of Office
Production Company: Blink
Directors: The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide
Production Company Producer: Ash Lockmun
Director of Photography: Christopher Sabogal
Ad Agency: adam&eveDDB
Creatives: Simon Pearse, Emmanuel Saint M Leux
Agency Producer: Daniel Moorey
Editing Company: Final Cut
Editor: Ben Harrex
Sound Company: 750mph
Sound Designer: Sam Ashwell
Post Production Company: The Mill

Virgin Atlantic – Get Out of Office

The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide aren’t the sort of directors you expect conventional commercials from. Their name pretty much says as much. And this certainly isn’t a typical airline ad. Deeply ironic and dreary, it’s a brave move for the client, who’ve signed off a piece of advertising that doesn’t show off any of the beautiful destinations Virgin Atlantic fly to, or even any of their luxurious planes. This most depressing depiction of office life possible only makes the fact that one in three people choose to spend their holiday allowance in this setting more shocking.


Brand: Yorkshire Building Society
Title: Outgrown Your Home
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Pete Riski
Production Company Producer: Tim Nunn
Director of Photography: Jean Noel Mustonen
Ad Agency: Red Brick Road
Creative Directors: Richard Megson, Matt Davis
Creatives: Baz Williamson, Ben Markey
Agency Producer: Rick Carter
Editing Company: The Assembly Rooms
Editor: Eve Ashwell
Sound Company: Wave
Sound Designer: Parv Thind
Post Production Company: Coffee & TV

Yorkshire Building Society – Outgrown Your Home

Financial services is not the most sexy category of advertising and this message isn’t the most fun either, but it’s a message that Yorkshire Building Society need to get across and everyone involved has done a fine job bringing it to life. It’s an elegant visual idea and director Pete Riski has realised it admirably. It’s not overwrought but it still gets the point across clearly.

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