A Pint With… Andy Brown

October 27, 2016 / Features

By Alex Reeves

The man at the head of Jogger Studios UK is excited to be living in the future.

The last piece in this series saw me break out my Soho comfort zone, but this is my first international A Pint With…, accompanied by the beauty of Ireland’s Atlantic coast. A few hours after I landed for the Kinsale Sharks, The Spaniard was heaving with familiar faces from London’s advertising community. But I hadn’t actually met Andy before so we were going in blind.

Having awkwardly identified each other, we went to the bar and made an attempt at drinking Irish – a Guinness for him, a pint of the even more local Murphy’s for me. With so many friends out in the sunny beer garden it was hard to conduct a one-to-one chat, but we managed to cover some varied subjects be-fore the party engulfed us.

“…It’s natural to be suspicious of change. But there’s nothing we can do about it. Everything is constantly moving. It doesn’t stand still, although there are some con-stants. People still come out to Kinsale every year and have a few pints of Guinness and a chat in the sunshine.”

“…But it’s good to challenge yourself. A few months ago some friends who are keen open water swimmers suggested we all do a 10k swim, twice around Lake Butter-mere. That’s farther than I can run. I eventually agreed to do the 5k. I thought I was going to die about 750m in. But, eventually I got round. Not last. Didn’t drown.”

“…It’s amazing what you can learn on YouTube. I’ve been trying to learn more about photography. From people teaching you how to use a feature on a specific camera to lectures from whole photography courses. It’s all out there for free. So empower-ing.”

“…YouTubers are more talented than you might think. The people who are successful on YouTube do the things right that have always been true about telling stories. They’re engaging characters, they’ve shot things pretty well and spent time on mak-ing good pieces of work.”

“…It’s amazing what you can create on a phone. I was recently asked help someone out and shoot some footage of a yacht for their website. One of the things that makes video footage look home-grown is camera movement, so I got a handheld gimbal stabiliser. It’s so good. It made such a difference. We shot on my iPhone 6S from a little speedboat and circled the yacht and it turned out really well. There’s so much know-how that goes into a piece of kit like that.”

“…Smaller post houses are possible now. We wouldn’t have been able to do this ten years ago because it would have been too expensive. Now it’s within the realms of possibility. You can set up several suites and compete with the bigger companies.

“…We take images and try to improve them. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a 30-second commercial, a short film, a music video or website content. Budgets may vary but it’s all the same discipline, really.”

“…I hate how algorithms think they know me. I don’t want to be predictable. I like to think I have fully eclectic taste in music, spanning every genre, so it’s really annoying when Spotify gets it just right.”

“…It’s easier than ever to do trans-Atlantic post production. We’ve changed our iden-tity to become Jogger Studios, to link ourselves up with our partners across the globe. It’s surprisingly easy pinging builds and footage back and forth over the Atlantic. Ge-ography doesn’t slow things down anymore.”

Andy Brown is Partner at Jogger Studios (formerly Four Walls).

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