Unsigned: Matthew Sterling

May 29, 2017 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

A confident first few steps into filmmaking.

Matthew Sterling grew up with a Blockbuster video store down the road, which explains a lot about what he’s ended up doing. His mum would take him every Friday to pick three movies to rent over the weekend. It became almost a religious act, he remembers.

He’s gained his filmmaking craft through a combination of YouTube tutorials, special features on DVDs and going out with his best friend on weekends to make short films or silly little videos. But he’s had a formal film education too. Having studied film at college, for the last three years he’s been studying Film and Television at university.

Matthew's only just graduating this year, but he’s been making strong first steps into his career. Last year he did a spout of work with Caviar, Knucklehead and Pulse, which opened up opportunities for him and helped to push his work.

For a director in such an early stage he’s received some impressive attention. He’s recently been selected for the straight 8 official London selection and will have a short film / music video premiered on the big screen in July. He’s also won VOTD twice so far this year – good signals that he’s one to watch.

He's keen to work on a few more music videos as well as starting to make his way into commercials. He’s also a massive fan of short-form narrative content and always trying to make something work, but he recognises how hard short films are and wants to make sure he does them justice.

Watch some of his work here:

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