High Five: June

June 10, 2017 / High Five

By Alex Reeves

Great advertising that moves the conversation forwards.

When it’s good, advertising is part of culture. And the best advertising this month is exactly that, not only taking influence from society and people in the world but contributing to the conversations people are having, moving discourse forward. There’s a genuine debate to be had around each of these five pieces of film. That’s why we think they’re the best of the month.

Brand: Heinz
Title: Office
Production Company: Outsider
Director: James Rouse
Production Company Producer: Benji Howell
Director of Photography: Alex Melman
Ad Agency: BBH London
Creative Director: Uche Uzugwu
Creatives: Andy Parsons
Agency Producer: Jessica Savoury
Editing Company: Work
Editor: Mark Edinoff
Sound Company: Hogarth
Visual Effects Company: Framestore

Heinz – Office

In 2016 the world reached peak ‘clean eating’ as publishers turned Instagram feeds into recipe books, full of steamed chicken breast and massaged kale, that flew off the shelves. Everyone’s familiar with an amateur nutritionist, min-maxing their protein and vitamin intake, which is of course why this ad and its companion, Home, are so relatable. Baked beans might not be the health nut’s go-to meal component, but it’s easy to get on their side when they’re contrasted with such douchebaggery.



Brand: Lynx
Title: Is it OK for guys…
Production Company: Caviar
Director: Thomas Ralph
Production Company Producer: Scott O’Donnell
Director of Photography: Joseph Guy
Ad Agency: 72andsunny
Creative Directors: Matt Heck, Laura Visco
Creative: Georgianna Gregori
Agency Producer: Stephanie Oakley
Editing Company: Stitch London
Editor: Paul O’Reilly
Sound Company: Wave
Sound Designers: Ed Downham, Alex Nicholls-Lee
Visual Effects Company: MPC

Lynx - Is it OK for guys...

Lynx / Axe’s crusade to redefine masculinity more loosely continues in this film. It was a smart move for the brand to make themselves the Dove for men, addressing the pressures society seems to heap on people. The point-of-view style paired with a choppy edit helps to make it an uncomfortable watch that captures the anxiety of adolescence and young adulthood perfectly. Hopefully it will help some young men to grow into their true selves. It might even flog some deodorant.


Brand: Marks & Spencer
Title: Spend it Well, Food
Production Companies: Town Productions
Directors: Matt Doman, Food Film
Production Company Producer: Fritha Dickie
Ad Agency: Grey London
Creative Director: Matt Doman
Creatives: Matt Doman, Angela Harding
Agency Producer: Fritha Dickie
Editor: Matt Newman
Sound Company: Wave
Sound Designer: Jack Sedgwick
Visual Effects Company: MPC

Marks & Spencer - Food

This ad combines classic M&S food porn visuals with a voiceover that continues Grey’s new message for the brand of ‘spending it well’. It’s sumptuous as ever, combining decades of expertise in food cinematography to make a grilled pepper look the best it possibly can. It’s got some nice shots of the world outside the kitchen edited in very cleverly, too.



Brand: RNLI
Title: Float to Live
Production Company: Nice Shirt Films
Director: Olly Goodrum
Production Company Producer: Luke Goodrum
Director of Photography:  Patrick Duroux
Ad Agency: Krow
Creative Director: Tim Robertson
Creatives: Matt Allen, Nigel Roberts
Agency Producer: Sushi Tester
Editing Company: Trim
Editor: Ross Hallard
Sound Company: Jungle Studios
Sound Designer: Jim Griffin
Visual Effects Company: Raised by Wolves

RNLI – Float to Live

This film isn’t trying anything to clever or tricky. There’s a very simple message here – that you should try and float calmly if you fall in cold water. The script is to the point and instructive and the visuals illustrate the feeling of falling in cold water clearly yet poetically. It’s an elegant film and hopefully it will save lives.


Brand: UEFA
Title: We Play Strong
Production Company: Nexus Studios
Director: Kibwe Tavares
Production Company Producer: Josh Buchanan
Ad Agency: FCB Inferno
Creative Director: Elspeth Lynn
Creative: Sarah Lefkowith
Agency Producer: Kate Grenfell
Editing Company: Stitch
Editor: Tim Hardy
Music Company: Leland Music
Sound Company: Factory
Sound Designer: John Clarke
Visual Effects Companies: Time Based Arts, Unit

UEFA – We Play Strong

This is the start of an aim by UEFA to make football the number-one played sport for women in Europe within five years and it’s a strong opening gambit. While it’s hard to deny that it owes a fair bit to Kim Gehrig’s classic This Girl Can for Sport England, director Kibwe Tavares has certainly made the script come to life in his uniquely vibrant style. It’s energizing and the tone is spot on. Backed up by messaging like this, UEFA could make the change that women’s football deserves.

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