Signed: Anderson Wright

June 12, 2017 / Signed/Unsigned

By The Beak Street Bugle

A Seattle-based talent with an unrelenting passion for craft.

Anderson Wright is the latest director to join Indy8’s already impressive roster of talent.

His career began with writing, directing, producing, and editing videos for small businesses in New Jersey. Since then he has continued to demonstrate his innate ability to craft compelling stories told with bold visuals and powerful music. Renowned for creating beautifully shot work which really captures the energy and pace of his subjects, Anderson immerses himself in the world of his subjects in order to elicit strong emotional reactions. The passion he has for his craft enables him to draw audiences in to the story, engaging and exciting them in equal measure.

He’s directed for a diverse range of global clients, including Microsoft, Intel, Mazda, and State Farm. Specialising in live action branded content, Anderson has created a number of highly successful online spots, including for the app Duet Display, which has been seen over ten million times internationally.

His reputation for producing such high quality work has seen him work with some truly inspiring people such as US Olympic fencer Nzingha Prescod, NFL All-Pro running back Arian Foster, and world-renowned artist Li Hongbo.

Having working the US so extensively, it’ll be interesting to watch his career now he’s repped in the UK by Indy8.

Watch some of his work here:

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