We love to hear your ideas for editorial content. Here are six tips to maximise the chances of having your work published in the Beak Street Bugle (and going out through it to agencies around the world):

1. Read the site. This will help you to work out what sort of article would fit into the style of the site and bring out the most interesting aspect of your news.

2. Find an angle. Think about what readers will find interesting about your news. Tell the story of why this is important.

3. Consider the wider context of your news. If it’s a new piece of work, how does it compare to similar work? What is its relevance to the genre? Or the context might be personal. For example, does it mark an important change in a director’s career? Is there something groundbreaking about the work?

4. Be self-critical. You are trying to promote your company, but please have in mind what the most cynical reader will think of your news.

5. Be bold. If you think your latest work is going to change the game then that’s a good start. Tell us why it’s a revolutionary film, not just a good piece of work.

6. Have in mind what the BSB doesn’t do: straight news stories about signings, acquisitions etc. The Beak Street Bugle is an online magazine, not a news site. It tries to focus on in-depth analysis rather than keeping people up to date with industry happenings. There are plenty of sites that do that but we are seeking to engage the advertising industry around the world by a different route and in doing so persuade them of the value of reading it and seeing the expertise you offer.

If you have an idea for an article, want to submit or nominate work for review by our staff, or if you just want to get something off your chest, please contact us at:

Individual staff can be contacted using this email format: